Oberseminar on Quantum Information

List of Talks SS 2006

  • July 13 (Patrick Skwara): "Entanglement witnesses and the loophole-problem"
  • July 6 (Patrick Haas): "Maximum likelihood estimation of density operators"
  • June 29 (Oliver Jansen): "One-way quantum computer"
  • June 22 (Erdal C. Oguz): "Ion trap quantum computing"
  • June 8 (Ahmad Omairat): "Quantum bit commitment"
  • May 18 (Michael Hartmann): "Excitation and Entanglement Transfer Versus Spectral Gap"
  • May 11 (Tim Meyer): "Quantum One-Way Permutations"
  • May 4 (Hermann Kampermann): "Quantum cellular automata"
  • April 27 (Matthias Kleinmann): "Quantum limits of measurements in the presence of a conservation law"
  • April 20 (Razmik Unanyan): "Entanglement in Multidimensional Harmonic Lattice System with collective interaction: Exact analytic result"